The Whole Beans About Us

We are mainland transplants who came to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1990. We instantly fell in love with the people, weather and the beautiful rainforest. For many years, we researched, trying to determine the perfect location to start our coffee orchard. Finally, we purchased six acres we found to be ideal for growing coffee, and set to work establishing our first orchard.

Next, we scrutinized the available coffee varieties, to select the most ideal trees for both our needs and our location. We discovered 2 varieties that had exceptional taste and very large bean size as well as the ability to thrive with abundant rainfall and cloud cover.

By November 1997, we planted our first 1860 coffee trees. We also received another gift, as our daughter was born shortly after that time.

After two years of hard work, our first coffee crop was ready for harvest. In December 2000, we planted another 2000 coffee trees on the remaining three acres of the original six-acre parcel of land. Also during 2000, we purchased 11 more acres of land, and have been preparing 8 of them for additional coffee trees. After some delays, we are ready to add another 2000 to our orchards.

After the beans have been roasted to our specifications, we package them and sell them to the local supermarket chains, restaurants located all over the state of Hawaii and to consumers all over the world!

All of our trees are maintained and grown by our family. Each step along the way is done with great love and care for the coffee we produce. We pick, by hand, only the ripest coffee cherries and pulp them immediately after picking. All of our coffee is sun dried on the farm and stored in parchment form until orders are received. We then hull the parchment coffee and we send it out for roasting in small batches to guarantee you the freshest coffee. It is then shipped priority mail, directly to you. We taste all of our coffee before shipping to ensure the best coffee drinking experience for you.

In addition to the care given to every step of our process, we are committed to being environmentally aware at our farm. This year, we planted white clover in all of our orchards to help control weeds, as well as to add natural nitrogen back into the soil. We at Sharky's Coffee Company recycle all the pulp and skins from the coffee cherries back into the orchards as a natural fertilizer.

We believe in growing the finest coffee and never taking any shortcuts. It is difficult work, but when you taste our coffee you will understand why we operate in the way that we do.

So please enjoy, from our family to yours!

- Scott and Silvia